There is a wide range of programmes we offer the students to enhance their stay at Liverpool universities. For more information on anyone of these programmes and events please contact us.

ShabbatWeekly Shabbat meals at Chabad are a great escape from the constant academic pressures of university. We invite you to join us every Friday night for a multidimensional experience, with the perfect mix of food, drink, song and conversation.

cookeryWhat makes Kosher food different? We invite you to join us as we explore some delicious recipes that create some of the most mouth watering Kosher dishes. From the sweet aroma of freshly baked Challah to the artistic design of salads from far off countries, Tzivia’s kitchen is a popular locale for students to learn this amazing art.

mezuzahWe will offer a free Mezuzah to any Jewish student who needs one for their hall of residence room or flat. Ancient tradition teaches that this small Mitzvah brings blessing and serenity to your home. A person introduces holiness and harmony into the world by placing a Mezuzah on his or her door. 

chicken soupFeeling under the weather? Get Chicken soup! It’s proven to work. Just email a request and a hot bowl of chicken soup will be delivered to your door that day…Compliments of Chabad at Liverpool Universities.

CoffeeSchedule a coffee meeting with Rabbi Shmuli at the coffee house of your choice. Feel free to discuss any topic from personal issues to religious questions and everything in between.